07 grudzień 2015
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The Medici Hospital


When it comes to surgery, quality counts.


In December 2011,  Medical Centers the Medici expanded their range of care by building a Surgical and Orthopedics ward, meeting the latest European standards and achieving ISO 9001 certification. We now offer one of the highest quality private orthopedic and general surgery centers in the city of Łódź.

Our state-of-the-art operating theaters are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated instruments manufactured by Stryker, GE healthcare, Siemens and Philips. The post-surgery rooms are fitted with life monitoring devices and are fully capable of providing respiration therapy and life support if necessary. 


Our surgical service is complemented by a full array of diagnostic imaging procedures including:

- MR

- CT

- X-ray



We provide comprehensive care and a range of both invasive (conventional and laparoscopic) and non-invasive procedures in the following departments:

- Trauma and Orthopedics Ward

- General Surgical Ward

- One Day Surgery Unit


The range of procedures offered at the Medici Hospital


General surgery:

Abdominal surgery:

groin hernia repair, 

umbilical hernia repair,

linea alba hernia repair


Laparoscopic gallbladder excision  


Thyroid surgery


Lower limb varices removal

conventional surgery



Skin and Soft tissue malformations

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Trauma and Orthopedics:

Total Hip replacement surgery


Total Knee replacement surgery







Anterior cruciate ligament surgery


Hallux valgus surgery


Removal of plates, screws and other artificial materials


Carpal tunnel surgery

Conditions of stay

10 grudzień 2015
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Conditions of Stay

At Medical Centers the Medici we pay the utmost attention to providing the most comfortable conditions. That’s why our hospital located on Bazarowa Street is considered a warranty of professionalism and medical care in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Every room in our hospital is equipped with an air-conditioningunitand an efficient ventilation system, which is why we can provide access to fresh and clean air. 

Additionally, to make your stay an even more pleasant experience, we ensure access to a broadband internet connectionin every room and in communal areas. 

At Medical Centers the Medici we do our best to create a peaceful ambience and to make you feel safe. Our patients can store their personal belongings in the hospital’s safe with round-the-clock access. 

Your spiritual comfort is as important to us as your physical wellbeing - at Medical Centers the Medici you’ll find a dedicated place for prayer and contemplation

We invite you to watch this short video dedicated to our hospital, where you can get to know our staff, our offer and familiarize yourself with the equipment in our Surgical Wards. 


In order to obtain full information, we invite you to contact us:

Monday – Friday form 9 am to 8 pm.


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