We offer a full RIS/PACS system capable of transmitting data to our facility: a teleradiology system based on DigRa software.

Short description of the technical and functional facts: An integrated RIS/PACS teleradiology system

  • capable of buffering, safe transmission and sharing of medical images in DICOM 3.0 standard between a subserver in a remote location and our RIS/PACS server at Medical Centers The Medici
  • supported formats: DICOM JPEG LossLess, JPEG LS, JPEG Lossy, Encapsulated PDF,
  • enables integration with a qualified digital signature of the interpreting specialist
  • Autorouting function allowing automatic transmission of images to specific diagnostic stations or main server depending on type of the study and implemented protocols.
  • In case of any patient personal data or study data changes in RIS system the data is automatically updated in central RIS/PACS server
  • Quick information about Implementation Research in the system RIS / PACS
  • CD/DVD writing via in-buit application or an automated robot.



  • Encrypted transmission between the subserverr and the RIS/PACS server at the consulting facility or diagnostic stations (depending on DICOM workflow)
  • Access to PACS system modules available from stations with an installed SSL certificate, after the system confirmes the identity of logged operator.
  • To ensure maximum security we provide the connection between the high-end edge routers, for transferring research through a secure VPN channel
  • Integration with any software operating in HL7 file exchange technology
  • We do Access System RIS / PACS in the cloud with the possibility of remote description Research in our institution Using Services RadiBox:
  • We offer access to RIS/PACS cloud system utilizing RadiBox software.
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