The Department of Orthopedic Surgery deals with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and nerves).

Patients treated in the department of orthopedic surgery may be hospitalized due to damage or bone fractures, deformities of the spine or ribs, or chronic diseases such as osteoporosis.


Specialist doctors – our orthopedists treat children and adults.
Most orthopedic surgeons work both with patients requiring emergency care and those who have procedures scheduled.


Their diagnostic process usually takes a similar course:
Diagnosis: X-ray, clinical blood tests, other tests
Treatment of trauma
Ordering rehabilitation or physiotherapy to restore fitness, strength and functionality

Some surgeons specialize in the treatment of specific diseases associated with one area of the body.


Orthopedic surgery:

Treatment of fractures
A broken arm, wrist
Fractures knee
Fractures of the collarbone
Hip fracture
Leg fracture
Rib fractures


Arthroscopy - minimally invasive method in which the doctor inserts a tool and a camera with a light source into the joint through a small incision in the skin. The surgical field is visible on a monitor.
Treatment of injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Arthroplasty - an operation which consists of replacing or rebuilding a damaged joint usually caused by destructive arthritis. These include ip replacement or knee replacement.


Actions correcting bone deformities - therapeutic procedures aimed at correcting deformities of the spine and ribs.


The Department of Orthopedics at Medical Centers the Medici was created to provide patients with the highest quality of services and to surround them with the best care. The team at the Medici Hospital consists of specialists in surgery of the hand, foot and ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, spine, and in the fields of sports medicine and trauma. The doctors from our hospital will help you in the event of a sports-related injury, and they will try to remedy the problems associated with the aging process, such as joint destruction as a result of wastage. Our experts will contribute to improving the quality of your life and mobility.

Thanks to the complexity of our offer, we provide patients with full access to postoperative rehabilitation.


Arthritis & replacement of the damaged joint
Pain, swelling and joint stiffness may be due to several reasons which affect the health of joints. In Medical Centers the Medici we perform operations thanks to which the patient stops feeling discomfort associated with the process of the destruction of the joint.
Inflammation of the hip joint
Inflammation of the knee joint
Hip replacement


Sports Medicine
Our Sports Medicine Center is dedicated to athletes of all ages. The team at the Medici Sports Center is here to help the patient achieve the highest degree of functionality. The multidisciplinary team consists of experienced orthopedic surgeons, radiologists and physical therapists who specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. Our medical center is fully equipped with modern equipment. There is an x-ray, MRI, CT, and physical therapy.


Common conditions treated in the UCSF Sports Medicine Center:
Rotator cuff tears and impingement
Shoulder instability / dislocations
SLAP tears
Shoulder arthritis / Reverse shoulder replacement
Throwing shoulder problems
Athletic elbow problems
ACL and other knee ligament injuries
Meniscus tears
Cartilage injuries in the knee
Patella pain and dislocations
Runner's knee and running problems
Hip labral tears and Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
Early arthritis of the hip, knee, and shoulder

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