A General Practitioner is the medical doctor who treats acute illnesses and chronic illnesses, and who provides preventive care and health education to patients.


We are happy to offer GP care. Our doctors speak English fluently. They will take care of you in case of any illness and will guide you in diagnostic processes.

Our family doctor’s and internist’s offices are fully equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment such as ECG, pressure gauge, ultrasound, Laryngoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes as well as direct access to the Laboratory and Rehabilitation Medicine. Ability to perform x-ray and ultrasound is a big advantage.


You have the guarantee that the physician internist in the medical centers the Medici will take care comprehensively of you and you family. If necessary, easily guided to additional tests, radiology or laboratory. Clinic has full facilities diagnosis, and doctors freedom and the right to choose the method of diagnosis and treatment.


What is a family doctor?

The family doctor, also called a GP or primary care physician is a doctor who does not specialize in a particular field of medicine. The family doctor protects and ensures contact the patient's doctor. By collecting the interview, physical examination, laboratory diagnostics and imaging studies are often the first places to recognize that decides to continue the process of diagnosis and treatment. Primary care physicians often care of regular patients, who lead for a long time. They provide continuous medical care for patients of all age groups and both sexes.

Patients who seek medical care at the beginning usually go to the GP. If patients require specialist care, due to the worsening state of health family doctor can direct the patient to continue treatment at the specialist in a group of diseases.


The specialist is a doctor who is also trained in a particular field of medicine (eg. A urologist, cardiologist, oncologist, neurologist)


Family doctors usually work in private offices or clinics, district. In many cases, their work is supported by additional staff. Nurses and administrative staff.


Education of family doctors

To become a family doctor, students must finish six years of medical studies, one year residency and five years of specialization in Family Medicine. In college, they learn among other things, issues such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, psychiatry, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, microbiology, pharmacology, pathology, medical law and wile others. They also take the exams in sociology, psychology, foreign languages ​​and even philosophy.

Medical studies provide a solid foundation. After completing his internship and passing the Medical State Exam are applying the chosen specialization.

During the studies, also they learn many practical steps how to conduct medical history, and examine patients how to perform diagnostic tests.

In recent years, students have mostly Clinical lectures where they work under the supervision of trained, experienced professionals.


Family doctors are specially trained to diagnose and treat all diseases. Their training focuses on general medical care for the whole family including paediatrics, Internet, obstetrics, gynecology, psychiatry, geriatrics, preventive and medical knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. Internal treat adult, if necessary, refer patients to specialist.

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