Abdominal Ultrasonography  

Lower pelvis Ultrasonography  

Urinary tract Ultrasonography   

Scrotum Ultrasonography  

Intravesical Ultrasonography  

Performs radiologist Dr. Dariusz Kusak


Obestrical Ultrasonography  

Performs a radiologist Dr. Dariusz n.med Kusak and a gynecologist Dr. Piotr Surmacki


Transvaginal Ultrasonography   (vaginal head)

- Transrectal Ultrasonography (rectal head) 

3D 4D with recordnig the research on DVD 

Performs radiologist Dr. Dariusz Kusak


Neck ultrasound (thyroid, parathyroid, superficial lymph nodes, salivary glands)

Ultrasound pleural changes or adjacent to the chest

Breast ultrasound

Ultrasound eyeballs and orbits

- The evaluation of flow

Fontanelle ultrasound

- The evaluation of flow

Musculoskeletal ultrasound (hip, knee)

Performs orthopedic Dr. Maciej Sędzicki
Performs surgeon Dr. Piotr Tume and Dr. specialist vascular surgeon Mirosław Wąsiewicz


Doppler flow aortic, pelvis and lower extremities - arteries / veins (1 system)

Doppler blood flow pelvis and lower limb or carotid-artery / vein (1 system)

Doppler blood flow pelvis and lower extremities or cervical- arteries and veins (2 systems)

Doppler blood flow szyjnych- arteries and veins (2 systems)

Performs radiologist Dr. Dariusz Kusak


Doppler examination of the kidneys

Doppler examination of the liver (the portal vein) or other solid organ

Ultrasound transplanted kidney / dialysis fistula


Performs cardiologist Dr. Grzegorz Nawarski cardiologist Włodzimierz Kuś, and Dr. cardiologist Karol Gołąbek.


Ultrasound kids hip

Performs orthopedic surgeon Dr. Maciej Sędzicki


Each price does not include the fee for the translation of medical records.

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