General Surgery specializes in surgery of the abdominal cavity organs.

Our surgeons are highly specialized physicians who are mainly engaged in operations of the abdominal cavity, including appendicitis, hernias, gall bladder operations, operations of the stomach and intestines etc. The doctors working in Medical Centers the Medici are well prepared to carry out Operations of general surgery. They use their experience and expertise to make a diagnosis and treat challenging clinical cases. They specialize in laparoscopic surgery.


Our Department of General Surgery is equipped with top-class equipment and protected in the devices to support life. We have Quality Certification from two independent institutions.


Range of services
• One-stop nurse-led clinics for mild disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and upper rectal bleeding
• Direct access to the hernia days Service case
• Vascular scanning and management
• Sentinel node biopsy in the diagnosis of breast cancer
• Established laparoscopic colorectal surgery, including services, cholystetecomy and hernia repair
• Specialist Clinic in diseases of the breast and colon cancer
• Hernia repair (open or laparoscopic)
• Excision / biopsy of the breast lump
• Hemorrhoidectomy
• Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
• Nissen fundoplication / laparoscopic anti-reflux
• Laparoscopic gastric banding for obesity
• Varicose veins
• Anal fistula and anal fissures


What is laparoscopic surgery?
Laparoscopic surgery is also referred to as minimally invasive surgery. Through a small incision in the skin and outer tissues, small tools and a camera with a source of light are introduced to the body cavity. The camera image is transmitted to the screen, which shows organs and tissues. It allows the surgeon to carry out the operation faster, thanks to which the patient is less prone to interference in his body, and it allows faster recovery patient and shorter rehabilitation. Shorter hospital stay, smaller scars, fewer changes in tissues of the body.

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